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Saturday, April 26, 2014

[Comp] SCREWBALL - "Street Conflicts"

I always been a sucker for that true gangster street-edged, hardcore East Coast hip-hop and when the Queensbridge quartet known as Screwball came out with their 2000 debut "Y2K" i was simply in awe. Since the crew of Blaq Poet, Kyron, KL and Hostyle hardboiled debut album, which included such monsterous bangers as "F.A.Y.B.A.N.", "Who Shot Rudy?", "Attn. A&R Department", "On The Real", to name a few, the crew released the dope but definitely not up-to-par "Loyalty" LP in 2001 (which of course despite featured a shit load of bangers, it's after all Screwball we're talking about). This was followed by a slamming compilation called "Screwed Up" featuring some of the best works from both official LP:s as well as a few remixes, B-sides and previously unreleased cuts. Yet there are a bunch of Screwball and/or Screwball related material that didn't make any official album released under the group's name (including guest apperances, a few solo tracks by members and some real rare single releases under the Screwball name). Being that these QB OG's are amongst my favorite crews of all times a compilation of these tracks (which also includes a very few amount of cuts from "Screwed Up"). With 18 songs and about 70 minutes of pure QB hardcore hip-hop from these lyrical beats this compilation was really a no brainer, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

On an important side note - This one is dedicated to my main man as it's one of his favorite groups - happy birthday Big Rob! BOOO-HAAAA!!

01. Screwball - "Screwed Up" ["Screwed Up 12" - 1996]
02. Screwball - "They Wanna Know Why" ["Screwed Up 12" - 1996]
03. Hostyle - "Victory Or Defeat" [DJ Mugg's "Soul Assassins II" - 2000]
04. Screwball - "Beat'Em On The Head" [Cookies-N-Cream 12" - 1999]
05. Screwball - "Cookies-N-Cream" [Cookies-N-Cream 12" - 1999]
06. Screwball - "Give It Up" [W.C.W. Mayhem: The Music 12" - 1999]
07. Blaq Poet, Kyron & Nutso - "Nuts & Screws [Collector Item EP - 2009]
08. Kamakazee & Blaq Poet - "Right Here" [It's All Good VLS - 2004]
09. KL, Hostyle & Cormega - "Street Conflict" [Molemen's "Killing Fields" - 2006]
10. Screwball & Cormega - "What's The Deal" [What's The Deal VLS - 2002]
11. Screwball - "Fuck Y'All Niggaz" [Q-Butta & Ric Rude Mixtape - 2006]
12. Kamakazee - "Spread It Remix" [Snakes 12" - 1996]
13. Screwball - "Suck My Dick" [Heat Is On 12" - 1999]
14. Screwball - "First Blood" [F-A-Y-B-A-N 12" - 1999]
15. Screwball, Prodigy & Godather Don - "Heat is On II" [Screwed Up - 2004]
16. Blaq Poet & Hostyle - "Thinkin' About Cash" [Beatnut's "Stone Crazy" - 1997]
17. Hostyle & Infamous Mobb - "Born Again" [Special Edition LP - 2002]
18. Screwball - "On Point" [V/A "Hip-Hop Independent's Day II" - 1998]


  1. Thanks brother!

    Vi ses på tisd, PZ

  2. Hey! Your blog is awesome. I know it's not for request uploads, but I'm tryin' to find some music. I am a Screwball fan too. Any chance to get the Kamakazee's Snakes / Spread It (Remix) and Hostyle's Live From New York? And the Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl 12'' by Freddie Foxxx? Thanks in advance. Long life to The Lost Tapes!